Karatedo 空手道

Kancho Wong teaches traditional Okinawa Goju Ryu karate.

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Kobudo 古武道

Okinawa kobudo is the art of weaponry. The weapons are those that could be adapted or fashioned from everyday items. Contradictory stories exist of the development of both karate and kobudo in Okinawa. However there is agreement that under the reign of king Sho Shin (1477-1526) the possession and carrying of weapons in public was prohibited for anyone except the royal military. Then in 1603 Japanese samurai from the Satsuma domain invaded Okinawa and again banned the upper class (Pechin) from carrying weapons.


Kancho Wong oftern travels to Okinawa to train with hkarate and kobudo masters.
Students are encouraged to attend these trips to experience training with some of Okinawa's most senior karate and kobudo masters in the birthplace of karate.